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2018 Salary Survey

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What matters most to you about your job?

MH&L asks that question of its readers every year, and dating back to the days of the Great Recession, the answer has consistently been job security. As the economy has been going like gangbusters for over a year now, job security has become less of a factor to material handling and logistics professionals. As the results of the MH&L 2018 Salary Survey indicate, the size of the paycheck has become almost as important. “If you really value me here at this company,” any of you are saying, “then prove it. Show me the money.”

In this special eBook guide to workforce issues, we’ll look not only at the typical salaries for supply chain professionals in various roles, but also at the unique challenges they face in their jobs, and how they deal with them. We’ll also examine the latest material handling talent trends, the increasing role of women in the industry, and attempt to answer the question of how to manage Millennial workers.

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This survey covers breakdowns on:


Job Responsibility


Job Satisfaction

What Matters Most

Dave Blanchard
Senior Director of Content
Material Handling & Logistics
Contact Dave:

Dave Blanchard is Currently the Senior Director of Content for Informa’s Material Handling & Logistics and EHS Today.
With over 25 years of experience, Dave literally wrote the book on supply chain management, Supply Chain Management Best Practices (John Wiley & Sons, 2010), which has been translated into several languages and is currently in its second edition. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University.

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