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Risk Management: A Survival Guide for Today’s Safety Leaders

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When you think about it, safety leaders have two main responsibilities in their jobs: They identify risk and they manage risk. Of course, accidents and unplanned events can happen at any time, for almost any reason, and the cost of these events can often be enormous, so it's little wonder that risk management has become a key role for EHS professionals.

One of the keys to mitigating risk is ensure that worker safety is your top priority. That requires having the appropriate programs in place to cover all possible contingencies, whether the interruption to normal work operations be the result of a temporary glitch or a widespread disaster.

This ebook will offer timely guidance in how to best prepare for risk. We'll offer tips on how to tweak your safety management system to better promote safe operations. We'll look at how best to establish continuity plans. And we'll walk you step-by-step through the process of developing an effective job safety analysis. Remember: The best time to plan for an emergency is now… before it happens.

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This collection covers areas like

Safety Leaders Aren’t Like Everybody Else

Staying Ahead of Risks During Disasters

Tweak Your Safety Paradigm: Manage Risk

Risk Management: Six Steps to Completing an Effective Job Safety Analysis

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